Here’s our wishlist, if you’d like to contribute in kind

The focus of Jeevashram is to rescue and assist animals in distress wherever and whenever needed. The shelter has facilities for cows, calves and buffaloes as well as a stable which can accommodate injured and sick mules, donkeys and horses. There are kennels and catteries as well as shelters for small animals and birds. There is a well-equipped operating room and an Out-Patient Department which treats over 20,000 cases each year. The shelter offers free animal health checks, anti-rabies camps and educational programs for schools. It also works closely with police to rescue abused animals.


Dalia (Broken Wheat) – Consumption min. 5 kgs per day, i.e., 155 kgs per month
Milk – Consumption min. 10 ltrs per day, i.e., 310 ltrs per month
Rice – Consumption min. 10 kgs per day, i.e., 310 kgs per month
Moong Dal (Yellow Split Gram) – Consumption min. 2 kgs per day, i.e., 62 kgs per month
Birds Food – Bajra (Pearl Millet), Jawar (Sorghum Seeds), Other bird food mixes
Old blankets, bedsheets, towels
Old newspapers, matts, carpets
Ceiling fans, coolers, blowers, heaters
LED Bulbs, CFL
Dettol, Savlon, Liquid Betadine
Cotton, Sponges, Bandages
Phenyl, Surface Disinfectants, Sanitisers, Gloves

For updates regarding the current incidental or seasonal requirements of the foundation, please feel free to visit and have a chat with us!