Our Services

The focus of Jeevashram is to rescue and assist animals in distress wherever and whenever needed. The shelter has facilities for cows, calves and buffaloes as well as a stable which can accommodate injured and sick mules, donkeys and horses. There are kennels and catteries as well as shelters for small animals and birds. There is a well-equipped operating room and an Out-Patient Department which treats over 20,000 cases each year. The shelter offers free animal health checks, anti-rabies camps and educational programs for schools. It also works closely with police to rescue abused animals.

Following are some details on the services and facilities that the centre provides currently:


Treatment and Vaccination

Jeevashram organises regular Anti-Rabits Vaccination Camps in nearby villages. Jeevashram’s geographical outreach is between Mahipalpur, Rangpuri, Rajokri, Pushpanjali Brijwasan and Kapashera. It also has a mobile clinic for emergencies, our ambulances are functional and reliable for treatments on the spot!

Major and minor surgeries

Along with treatments for smaller creatures like birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc can be availed at Jeevashram, along with transit stay, at incredibly low costs.

Animal Birth Control

Facilities of lab diagnostics, sterilisation facilities, post operative care are also available at minimal cost.


Jeevashram works extensively on re-homing abandoned dogs/pups and cats/kittens.

Boarding of pets

Jeevashram offers safe, comfortable accommodation for your four legged family. All kenners are cleaned regularly, the temperature is adequately maintained as suited for summers and for winters.

Pet Grooming

Our expert and certified pet groomers understand your dog’s & cat’s grooming needs and provide you with the first class services.

Garden of Eternal Peace – Burial Ground for pets

In one of the earliest such initiatives around, Jeevashram provides the space for burial of all kinds of animals, in a quiet, secluded part of the premises where graves are freshly dug and animals laid to rest in the presence of the owner. We accept additions to the amenities at the premises in memory or honor of your pet as well – amenities that make lives of those living at the Jeevashram slightly better.

Animal Birth Control

Sterilisation has proven to be the most humane way of dealing with overpopulation, amogst many other things, in community animals. Sterilisation is a routine surgery that prevents overpopulation at the source: sterilising one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years. Sterilised and rabies-vaccinated dogs who have been returned to where they were found no longer feel such a strong instinct to fight with each other to mate or protect their offspring and are less prone to getting into disputes over territory. There are proper guidelines and information available on the following links- .

Jeevashram undertakes ABC Programs (Animal Birth Control). These animals are humanely trapped by trained staff, transported to the shelter in the shelter’s Animal Ambulance. They are Neutered / Spayed, Vaccinated and eventually returned to their point of origin after post operative care.

The foundation has, since its inception, sterlised over 10,000+ community animals.
Keeping up with current expenses and donations at the center, these are the rates being following as on 2022:
Sterilization (ABC of male dog) – Rs 1500 Total (with 3 days stay at the shelter)
Sterilization (ABC of male dog) – Rs 1200 Total (with no stay at the shelter)
Sterilization (ABC of female dog) – Rs.2000 Total ( with 3 days stay at the shelter)
Sterilization (ABC of female dog) – Rs.1700 Total ( with no stay at the shelter)
In case, preoperative health check/ Blood Tests are required, there is an extra cost for Investigation (Rs.1500) and Medical Boarding (Rs.500 a day). Same may be discussed with the vet at the center.

General Costing Reference (Subject to change; open to discussion)

FacilityApprox Cost
OPD (General checkup and treatment) Rs. 300
Anti Rabies VaccinationRs.300
Animal Hospital and Shelter for mainly Small Animals (Short, Definitive Stay)Rs.500 per day
Treatment of pets – injured Birds, Rabbits, Guinea pig, Hamsters etcRs 300
Transit stay of the small animals aboveRs 500 per day
X-ray facilities and ultrasound both for dogs and catsTo be discussed
Minor SurgeriesTo be discussed
Burial for pets small breedsRs. 5500
Burial for pets big breedsRs. 6000