Tipu’s tale of recovery: how Jeevashram became his oasis.

Tipu’s tale of recovery: how Jeevashram became his oasis.



Tipu’s was a horrible ordeal of 23 days, where initially we didn’t know if he would make it at all. In the thick of it, it seemed he may not walk again ever. However, eventually he made it home, home on all fours, jumping and galloping soon just like he used to.

HOME here is a street he was born and brought up on. Tipu is one of the many dogs I have been taking care of since they were babies. I remember instances that have happened with him over time, clear as day but this one was a close shave with death. One random night, upwards of 10:30 PM, Tipu was found in a state of distress, unable to move any part of the body but his eyes. He was buried under blankets in a corner. He had apparently been lying like that the entire day, it was by fluke that a friend and I were collaring dogs that night and found his little nose peeking out of the pile, alarming us instantly.

We panicked the moment we realised its Tipu, and he was unable to move, the pain in his eyes very sharp and apparent. He was quiet. No help came from around, no reliable paravet, all clinics nearby closed and the ones open were not to be trusted – so we made a quick decision and drove to Max Vets, very anxious if it was damage to the spine or a similar serious issue.

There were no bones broken or displaced, but nerve damage, which couldn’t be assessed instantly. Tipu was deemed critical at this point as he couldn’t move, eat, or poop. We admitted him at the vets and his treatment began – we were told it all depended on how he responded to the treatment and there was no surety of how things will pan out at all. Will he survive? Will he be able to sit up? Will he be able to walk?

He was barely 1.75 years old at this point. At just about 2 months of age, he had once managed to fall from a wall about 15-16 ft high; he had survived that with some meagre nose bleed. This notorious child had actually grown up to be a silly, shy, doe eyed, dorky doggie, who had now apparently been cornered in a dog fight and suffered to the point that led to him being unable to move, and in a hospital in wee hours of the night. (The dog fight story was suggested by a guard, we are not sure how true it is.)

Thankfully for us, this shy introverted Tipu had got guts made of steel. In few days when it was certain Tipu needed extra care, we shifted him to Jeevashram, to continue his treatment of specific decreasing doses of steroids (all prescription and checkups supervised by Max Vets, and all prescriptions provided to the foundation by us) and give him space for rest and recovery. Jeevashram did become his oasis. The kind of care and attention he received worked like magic, no exaggeration here.

He showed progress literally every single day. My eyes lit up when I went to see him once and he could lift his neck, the next time he was sitting up, the next time he was wobbling around – and to a person so heartbroken at the state they saw him in, this meant the world! This little boy and his angel eyes made me worry so much and love him at the same time! I was awed and inspired by his resilience and spirit; AND the wonderful care Jeevashram provided for him, for which I will forever be grateful. Jeevashram gave him a second life!

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