Why adopting a female puppy gives the greatest joy there is..

Why adopting a female puppy gives the greatest joy there is..

It is an unspoken fact that the dog world is the best world. From unconditional love, relentless support to giving the simplest of joys purely by existing, we have so much to learn and absorb from our four legged best friends.
Well it is also a known fact that gender discrimination pervades in the human world, since times immemorial and the fight for justice from this inequity does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.But we must not let the prejudices inherent in our mindsets penetrate into the purest kingdom there is.

It is extremely important to remember that there is no distinction between male and female dogs in the amount of love and affection they have to offer to us. What stops us from adopting a female puppy? We’ve all heard of heart-rending stories where puppies have been abandoned on the streets solely because they were female. Nothing can be more inhuman than literally “discarding” a pup simply because you think it is inconvenient to bring up a female dog. All female dog owners are testimony to the fact that there is nothing greater in this world than opening your arms to a female dog.

There are several myths and misconceptions that must be busted in order to give every female puppy a family she deserves. It is often believed that a female puppy grows up to be more aggressive than a male puppy. However it is important to note that the personality of the dog, whether male or female, absolutely depends on the way he or she has been brought up and trained. We are also tuned to believe that female dogs are less playful, lazier and difficult to train, just like we attribute these characteristics to our own species. It is time to acknowledge that the distinctions we impose on to the doggie world are cultural constructs and despite the biological distinctions between male and female dogs, we must put an end to the differences we have added ourselves in addition to the biological factors.

A famous quote reads, “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog”, I’d say, blessed is the person who has earned the love of a female dog.

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