The Importance Of Sterilization For Dogs

The Importance Of Sterilization For Dogs

The first step to ensure optimum health for your furry friend, whether male or female, is sterilization once they come off age. While it is mostly assumed to be a birth control mechanism, it is essential to note the multiple health benefits that sterilization offers, for both pure breeds as well mixed breeds and Indies.

What is sterilization? Frequently referred to as “neutering” among males and “spaying” for the females, sterilization must be done once your dog is 6 months of age.

Following are the myriad health benefits it offers: –

  1. It helps reduce aggression among dogs. They also get oriented to behave in a more tamed manner. In fact, taming them becomes easier.
  2. It definitely helps fight over population. Indie dogs live fateful lives on the streets and it lies upon us to save them from this doom by getting them sterilized, preventing further reproduction. The litter often receives insufficient care and nourishment and are victims of rash driving.
  3. Spaying/ neutering fights unforeseeable diseases. Many kinds of illnesses have a far lesser chance of infecting your pet.
  4. Not just pet dogs, it’s high time to work on the ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL of community dogs. Giving birth weakens the system of an already weak community dog who barely receives sufficient nutrition.

It’s time to take it upon yourself and do the task that needs utmost priority with the current state of affairs regarding dogs in India. Let’s give our best friends a healthy life that they deserve.

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