Jeevashram Animal Foundation

Our Story

Started in 1990, as a small shed for rescued animals, Jeevashram soon came into its own at Rajokri Village, New Delhi. A small haven for animals big and small, Jeevashram focuses on minimizing stress and abuse wherever human and animal interaction is involved. Its primary initiatives remain running an excellent Veterinary Hospital facility for both large and small animals, working on Animal Birth Control Programmes, Vaccination and Awareness drives, permanent and temporary boarding and lodging facilities etc. Understanding the importance our cohabitant beings hold in our lives, Jeevashram hosts the facility of burial for pets of all kinds in a quiet and secluded section of its premises through its Garden of Eternal Peace.

Jeevashram is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and is inspired by the International Humane Societies like the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals UK (RSPCA-UK), World Animal Protection UK (WSPA-UK) the Humane Society (HSUS) of the United States.  Jeevashram aims to emulate the success of these organizations and, through exemplary veterinary care and humane education, create a more compassionate society.

Jeevashram strives for its mission-

To promote the welfare of animals, and prevent cruelty towards them.

Jeevashram is a non-profit Animal Foundation, registered under 12 A of the IT Act, to promote the welfare of animals, and prevent cruelty towards them. It owes its existence and efforts to the continued support of collective individuals, organisations and institutions. All donations are exempt from income tax under Section 80(G) of the Indian Income Tax Act.



Meet our residents

Ramuji, a 10+ years old senior dog, was abandoned at Jeevashram around 5-6 years ago by a family that was moving cities. He has since become possibly only of the most photographed dogs at Jeevashram by the visitors.

This is our 8+ year old Jackie. If you have been to Jeevashram, then you have probably already seen the little tippy-tap dance Jackie does to catch your attention. Jackie has been here for over 4-5 years and was abandoned by a family that continues to sponsor her stay at Jeevsharam.

This EMU was rescued and brought to the space by around 4-5 years ago.

Sia (Left)  raised and cared for by a volunteer from Italian Embassy, unfortunately when her tenure at the Embassy ended, she had to move them here and move back to her home country. Initially sponsored, Molly and Sia are now Jeevashram’s responsibility and are the first faces you see as you enter Jeevashram.

Chance is a happy go lucky dog that was abandoned by an NRI family at Jeevashram. His stay here is sponsored by kind volunteers and virtual parents.

Johny was brought here by rescuers from a house that kept him chained and unsocialized for over 11 years. He is now a part of the Jeevashram family and has started mingling with other animals and humans alike. His stay here is sponsored by 3-4 virtual parents who share the cost for his care.